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  • Cooking in your kitchen has never been so easy

    Simply have a look at my menu suggestions

  • Cheffing at your holiday home (local or abroad)

    I can do it all!

Look no further than Cape Town Private Chef Gabi

Whether it’s a simple luncheon, a three course buffet dinner or a week of Private
Cheffing at your holiday home (local or abroad).... I can do it all!

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Cape Town Private Chef Gabi

Private Chef Gabi

Looking for an extraordinary culinary experience? Well, then look no further than Cape Town Private Chef, Gabi. Whether it’s a simple luncheon, a three course buffet dinner or a week of Private Cheffing at your holiday home (local or abroad). I can do it all!

Having completed three years at Silwood School of Cookery where I received my Cordon Bleu qualification, I have worked internationally as well as locally, from game lodges to private homes, for both local and foreign clients.

I am now totally absorbed in the world of private cheffing and love the people I meet and the challenge of enthralling every client with the creation of delicious food.

I will cater to all your cooking needs. My food is unpretentious, simple and appealing. I have a passion for cooking with fresh, local and seasonal produce. Feel free to have a look at my plated menu to get an idea of my favourite food choices or read what some of my past clients had to say about me in their reference letters.

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well."
from A Room of One's Own by Virginia Woolf

I look forward to the pleasure of being able to cook for you.
Bon appetite - Gabi


  • We have just returned from a wonderful holiday and one of the major contributing factors was the superb cooking and management of the kitchen by Gabi. We had house guests, the youngest being 12, with 10 people in the house and with visitors there were often 14 or 16 for dinner.

    Gabi handled everything in a relaxed and competent manner.

    We had planned the meals for 3-5 days in advance and each one was delicious, using local ingredients. Gabi cooked us a variety of dishes - Asian, Mediterranean and some of her favourite recipes. Baking is her strong point and we treated ourselves to one of her desserts a day. Gabi made us lots of different salads and grills too in addition to arranging a picnic for a boat trip and filling a bag of treats and snacks for long days on the beach.

    In addition to all the cooking Gabi was responsible for all the shopping in the house and keeping account of expenditure . She was careful with money and there was never wastage of food.

    Gabi's wonderful nature and helpfulness to cater for a wide variety of guests made our stay in South Africa easy. I could rely on her to handle the table being set and delegating jobs to the staff in the kitchen.

    I would highly recommend her for any position like this again and to cater for an occasion at home. We hope to see Gabi again in the near future and see her flourish at what she does.

    Yours sincerely

    Janet Rapp